Easy to use

Finclip couldn’t be easier to use. Once the fin is on, just gently push down with your heel. The cursor slides upwards and the elastic pushes the heelpiece against your ankle. It only takes a few seconds to be ready to enter the water.


Quick to assemble

To attach Finclip to your fins simply clamp it to the rear end of the fin and secure it by tightening the screws. Once the elastic has been hooked onto the posts on your fins Finclip is ready to be used.


One size fits all

One of the features of Finclip is that it can be adapted to fit numerous boot sizes. This adjustment, combined with an elastic, which can be varied in length, allows Finclip to be used whatever the size and model of fin you are using.


Easy to put on

To don your fins, all you have to do is pull the heelpiece down until the elastic is below the fulcrum point. This way the heelpiece will remain down when you slide your foot into the fin. Finclip will then close when you gently push down with your heel.


Comfortable while finning

Thanks to the particular design of the heelpiece, the force exerted by the elastic is no longer concentrated in one point but distributed all the way along the back of your heel. This will avoid constant rubbing during swimming and result in comfort you have never experienced, until now.


Easy to remove in water

Finclip is also an optimum solution when removing fins in the water. Once opened, the heelpiece can be easily held and used to overcome the suction effect between your feet and the inside of the fin.


Easy to carry

At the end of a dive, just move the heelpiece forwards. Finclip’s reduced size will allow you to place your fins back in your diving bag.


Anti-slip sole

The underside of the clamp has a rubber anti-slip overlay to keep you steady even on the slipperiest of surfaces.

Materials: PP 30GF / TPE / AISI 316L A4


Overall weight: 400 gr. (including KIT I, KIT II e KIT III).