This warranty is offered by Finclip s.r.l for the best customer service and does not replace or limit the rights guaranteed by law in compliance with the provisions of Directive 1999/44/EC, as implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2 February 2002, on the sale of consumer goods and their warranty.

The product is guaranteed against any lack of conformity under normal conditions of use in accordance with the instructions for use. The guarantee shall not apply, therefore, in the event of damage resulting from improper use, wear and tear or accidental events. For the duration of the warranty on conformity defects, please refer to the specific provisions of the national regulations applicable in the country of purchase, where applicable.

Warranty claims must be submitted to Finclip s.r.l within 2 months of the defect being identified.

In the event that the product was purchased during the warranty period, as evidenced by the documentation requested above, and is found to be defective for any reason (other than those listed in the limitations), at Finclip s.r.l's option Finclip s.r.l will repair or replace the defective product free of charge. Finclip s.r.l reserves the right to replace the defective product with a similar product of equal value in the event that the product in question is unavailable. All replaced components and products shall become the property of Finclip s.r.l.

Any repair or replacement of components or of the product itself shall not extend the duration of the warranty, which shall continue, in any case, until the expiry of 2 years. Should the product prove to be free from conformity defects, Finclip s.r.l reserves the right to charge the value of the technical inspection, any repair and subsequent shipment. If the Finclip s.r.l product was purchased abroad, warranty service will be provided by the local Finclip s.r.l distributor in your country of residence (an indication of Finclip s.r.l distributors can be found at

The local Finclip s.r.l distributor shall have the right to charge transportation and other shipping costs and duties associated with a warranty claim for a product purchased abroad. Finclip s.r.l will refuse to provide warranty service if the product was NOT purchased from an authorized Finclip s.r.l Dealer listed on

In the event that the product was purchased through an Online Store on the Internet,warranty service can only be provided through the Internet retailer from which the product was purchased.


The warranty only covers defects and damage resulting from manufacturing or material defects. Defects and damage of other types, in particular those listed below, are not covered by our warranty:

Defects or damage caused by normal use and wear and tear,
Defects or damage caused by intensive, exceptional, incorrect or abnormal use (shocks, tears, falls, blows, ect.),
Defects or damage caused by insufficient or incorrect maintenance or negligence,
Defects or damage known or apparent at the time of purchase of the product,
Defects or apparent damage tacitly accepted that have not impeded the functionality of the product,
Scratches or damage to plastic surfaces, glass and any other external parts due to normal use of the product,
Defects or damage caused by cleaning products or other substances containing aggressive chemicals (solvents, surfactants, aggressive detergents, etc.),
Defects or damage caused by alterations or modifications made to the product without authorisation,
Defects or damage caused by incorrect assembly of components,
Defects or damage caused by failure to observe product information,
Defects or damage caused by exposing the product to excessive temperatures, fire or prolonged exposure to sunlight. All components subject to normal wear and tear (O-rings, rubber parts, silicone parts, latex, hinges, etc.) are not covered by warranty unless proven to be a manufacturing defect. This Conventional Guarantee does not cover products intended for rental, commercial or military use.


Finclip s.r.l. disclaims all liability for any damage that may, directly or indirectly, be caused to persons, property or animals as a result of failure to comply with all of the requirements set forth in the Instruction Manual and especially those relating to the use and maintenance of the Product.

Finclip s.r.l. shall not be liable for any written or oral agreements outside the scope of this Limited Warranty. Finclip s.r.l.'s sole responsibility shall be, at its sole discretion, to repair or replace the product.

Finclip s.r.l will not compensate in any way for any inconvenience caused by the inability to use the product or any expenses incurred while the product is being repaired or replaced.