Warning: Keep out of the reach of children. The product contains parts that, if ingested, can lead to suffocation.

Contact the manufacturer in the case of worn and/or defective parts.

Warning: Finclip is a recreational diving accessory. Do not use Finclip when diving in grottos or wrecks.

Warning: Always wear dive boot when using Finclip.

Warning: Do not tread on the heelpiece when Finclip is placed on the ground with the elastic tensioned (W1).

Warning: A dive boot must be positioned inside the fin before allowing the heelpiece to snap upwards (W2).

Warning: Keep your hands out of the way when allowing the heelpiece to snap upwards (W3).

Warning: check the position of the curved elastic protector before lowering the heelpiece and after it has been lowered. If the protector has twisted around (W4), reposition it as illustrated in figure A16.

Warning: check the correct positioning of the upper part of the clamp in relation to the thickness of your fin. Make sure that the fin is inserted all the way to the back of the clamp and that it doesn’t move (W5,W6).

For greater safety, before entering the water while wearing Finclip, make sure that the device is correctly positioned and that no parts are damaged.

Changing or tampering with parts of Finclip may result in unpredictable outcomes beyond the manufacturer's liability.

The manufacturer will not assume any liability arising from unforeseen consequences due to the incorrect use of finclip.

You are advised to rinse Finclip with fresh water after each dive. Do not leave Finclip in direct sunlight for long periods of time.




Finclip cannot be installed onto technical fins as the back of this type of fin remains under foot. The finclip heelpiece, even at the maximum extension, does not have sufficient reach to contain your heel.

If you have a very large foot size (larger than 46 EU-IT (UK 11-US 12), we recommend measuring the distance between the rear end of the fin and the heel of the sock (see photograph).

If this measurement exceeds 5 cm. you must also order the “BIG FOOT" heel piece in the "SPARE PARTS" section